The dynamic approach enables our company to include short or long term answers, providing a quick fix to immediate problems or long term solutions providing peace of mind.

Our consistent approach and dedicated management team work closely with our clients to ensure we remain flexible to their requirement

High levels of expertise and continuous years of providing security solutions enables us to assess risks and advice our clients on their threat levels and security required.

Our staff are professionally trained, accredited and SIA licensed.  They are customer focused and professional.  Wearing highly visible and distinctive clothing creates a reassuring presence at events and inspires confidence amongst the clientele.

Our modern approach to numerous situations requires evidence gathering, we deploy our Body Cameras on specific operations to assist our clients and our SIA personnel .

The diversity of Ultimate Security is clear to see in our service delivery.  We are recognised for our continued flexibility across numerous industries.   This is endorsed within our Health Care security provision.  Our dynamic security solutions have been contracted to numerous care settings.